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Order Wood Samples

We ship 4 x 4 product samples of most materials in stock. In addition, we
also offer custom milled samples for your specific product needs. It is
strongly recommended that you order larger samples before specifying
North Cal products for a particular project. Sample prices start at $10 plus shipping.

Call a sales associate at 707.462.0686 to order samples.

About Reclaimed Wood Samples
Our reclaimed wood products are natural, untreated, and show prior use.
Each stick is one-of-a-kind with its own unique appearance and natural variation in color from heartwood to sapwood. There may be mineral streaks, oxidations, surface checking; and dowel, knot, insect, and nail holes from
prior use. These inherent features make reclaimed wood products unique
and desirable among modern designers.

We make every effort to render samples that are representative of the final product, however samples simply cannot capture every characteristic.

All our reclaimed products are offered in various grades and will have any kind, number or distribution of the above characteristics, unless otherwise specified. Color sorting is subjective and cannot be guaranteed. Additional grading and other defecting may be required to achieve the desired appearance.