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North Cal Lumber Store

Project: Lands End Lookout Visitor Center, San Francisco, CA

Designer: EHDD Architecture

Builder: Bel Core Construction, Northgate Acoustics

Product: Reclaimed redwood siding and ceiling tile

Perched at the edge of the continent overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the historic Lands End Lookout Visitor Center provides a welcome respite from the wind and fog along the rich network of trails. Designed to achieve LEED Gold certification, the building harnesses daylight, prevailing winds, and the topography to create an innovative passive design that conserves energy, water and embodied carbon.

North Cal provided Lands End Lookout with our reclaimed redwood siding and ceiling tile.

Designer Feedback

"Not only is the reclaimed redwood siding beautiful, but it embodies our approach to sustainability by reducing the overall carbon footprint of the structure. North Cal is also a great resource for architects they are very knowledgeable about wood and helpful with samples and information," said Phoebe Schenker, Associate at EHDD.