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North Cal Lumber Store

Project: The Gardens Project

Location: Mendocino County, California

Design: North Cal Wood Products

Product: Redwood lumber

The Gardens Project is a regional network of community-supported gardens and nutrition programs throughout Mendocino County. These partner gardens and programs reflect the diverse nature of the region and represent gardeners and participants from residential areas, low-income housing units, senior communities, community centers, K-12 schools, pre-schools, youth projects, homeless shelters, health centers, and correctional facilities.

The Gardens Project relieves hunger and inadequate nutrition in low-income neighborhoods, senior communities, schools, and youth enterprise projects by providing:

Education - Methods for growing organic food and its nutritional, social, and economic benefits. Leadership training for garden members and organizers.

Nutrition/Physical Health
- A nutritious food supply to individuals, children, and families in a physically engaging, community-supported environment.

Economic Development
- Life-long, transferable, and self-sustaining skills in food production, cooking,  surplus food sales and reducing household food costs.

North Cal is proud to support the North Coast Opportunities' Community Action Agency and the Gardens Project. Our participation in this important development project is in keeping with our philosophy to give back to the local community, one that has treated us so well over the years.