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Originally built in 1908, PALCO was one of California's major logging and sawmill operators. For generations, PALCO was one of the largest private employers in the entire region, aptly known as the Redwood Empire. During it's heyday, PALCO's Mill B could process old-growth redwood logs as wide as 22 feet.

North Cal started the Mill B Reclamation Project in the spring of 2004. Over the next 19 months, our reclamation teams removed the three-acre, three-story redwood framed building, as well as all of the
remaining machinery. We reclaimed roughly 4 million board feet of dense, virgin, old-growth redwood and several hundred thousand board feet of similar quality douglas fir. In addition, we salvaged over 7,000 tons of steel, much of which was reused to make automobile frames.

In addition to salvaged lumber, we also reclaimed a large stockpile of "buckskins", i.e. - old growth logs that were cut down in the forest decades ago but were left behind because they were deemed unsuitable for standard timber applications. Most of the buckskins were found in and around the massive log pond used to transport the logs from the forest to the mill.

All of the PALCO reclaimed woods were loaded onto North Cal trucks and transported from Scotia to our mill in Ukiah, CA, where they are milled into various S4S products, such as dimensional lumber, siding and beams. Finished products are transported by North Cal from Ukiah, CA to our clients across the country.