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Wood Surfaces And Finishes


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1x8 1 x 8 Reclaimed Clear Flat Grain Surfaced

Clear Heart Flat Grain Surfaced

4 x 10 Hand Hewn Light Sandblast Douglas Fir Timber

12 x 12 Hatchet Hewn Reclaimed Redwood

Heavy Sand Blasted Douglas Fir Timber

Heavy Sand Blasted Douglas Fir Timber

1 x 4 Light Sand Blasted Douglas Fir

Natural Patina with Paint

Naturally Distressed

Reclaimed Hickory Resawn

1 x 4 Reclaimed Redwood Wall Siding - Resawn, Sanded, Finished Semi-Gloss

1 x 6 Reclaimed Redwood Tongue and Groove Wall Siding

1 x 10 Reclaimed Redwood Wall Siding Surfaced

1 x 6 Reclaimed Redwood Clear Mix Grain Resawn Wall Siding

1 x 6 Reclaimed Redwood Curly Wood Wall Siding Finished in Semi-Gloss

Reclaimed Redwood Flat Grain vs. Vertical Grain

1 x 8 Reclaimed Redwood Old Growth Wall Siding

Resawn Rough Redwood Timber

Resawn Rough Surface Douglas Fir

Reclaimed Redwood Con Heart Weathered

Reclaimed Douglas Fir #2 Weathered