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North Cal Lumber Store

Company Bio

North Cal works with leading designers, architects and builders to provide our reclaimed products to a wide range of commercial and residential projects.


Recent projects include Google, Facebook and Twitter, to name a few.  To see our installed products, please check out the Portfolio section of this web site.

Our 30 years of experience, expertise and networking enable us to serve as a knowledge base for leading architecture and design firms, such as ISEC, Mission Bell Manufacturing, Sutti Associates, Perkins Will and others. We also work with residential homeowners and builders to create masterful homes.

North Cal reclaims the majority of the woods that we sell. Our employees manage your material throughout the entire distribution process, from sourcing to manufacture to delivery. We also have
developed an extensive network for sourcing reclaimed woods
throughout the United States and abroad, includingold-growth,
reservoir harvested hardwoods from Brazil. We search the planet to
bring unmatched beauty and quality to our clients.

Since 1986, North Cal has built a reputation for quality, service and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Our
efforts to increase the use of reclaimed woods in high end modern design have helped to balance the use of new woods
and reduced the emissions from logging, transportation, milling and processing.

North Cal reduces landfills and saves trees by providing superior quality, affordable reclaimed and recycled wood


Core Values
Sustainability. We strive to use environmentally responsible raw materials to build durable products that will stand the
test of time.


Quality. We painstakingly work to ensure that every piece of wood that leaves our facility is milled to perfection and
graded to your liking.


Service. We work with our customers to build dream homes that inspire, while delivering exceptional customer service.


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