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We work directly with top design professionals and architects at renowned firms like Mission Bell Manufacturing, SC Builders, Sutti Associates, ISEC, Performance Contracting Inc, and others to match our reclaimed products to their design needs. We seek to make it easy and convenient for firms to spec our products into their projects. Below you'll find information on product specs, pricing, and ordering samples.


Sustainability & LEED
North Cal proudly offers reclaimed products that are FSC®-Certified Recycled (FSC licence code # FSC-C066506) and contribute to LEED credits. North Cal also has the ability to deliver products virtually anywhere in the United States. Our networks also extend overseas to Brazil. The use of reclaimed wood products helps offset emissions from logging, transportation, milling and processing of new wood products.


Product Descriptions, Specs & Prices
The Products Section of our web site features descriptions and pictures for all of our standard products. Pricing varies depending on theproduct grade, cut, color, etc. For more information on our products and pricing, call 707.462.0686 to speak to a North Cal associate.
Ordering Samples
To order samples, click here or call 707.462.0686 to speak to a North Cal Sales Associate.

Get a Quote
To begin the quote process, call 707.462.0686 to speak to a North Cal Sales Associate.