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Designer Showcase - EHDD Architecture

In this month's Designer Showcase, North Cal is proud to feature EHDD Architecture.


EHDD is an award winning architecture firm founded in 1946 in San Francisco– a city known for embracing ideas about
the future.


From its roots, EHDD has been actively engaged in shaping the conversation about sustainability and the human experience in architecture, design and urban planning. The company specializes in projects that advance society’s appreciation and access to culture, respect the user within spaces they create, and enhance the long-term quality of the world around us.


Among EHDD's notable projects is the historic Lands End Lookout Visitor Center, located in San Francisco.


Perched at the edge of the continent overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Lands End Lookout draws its inspiration from the ruins of Sutro Baths nestled in the cove below. The ruins uniquely embody the building’s main theme – the intersection of nature and culture. Rising out of a coastal dune landscape, the Lookout’s concrete walls frame views and pay homage to the tension between the natural and cultural forces that have shaped the site.


Designed to withstand the harsh coastal environment, the building creates a sun-filled, sheltered courtyard that provides a welcome respite from the wind and fog along the rich network of trails. Historic relics from Sutro Heights gaze out over magnificent views of the Pacific, adding an element of whimsy to the concrete, wood and glass structure. The building invites people in, offering them a lens through which to explore the surrounding park.

Designed to achieve LEED Gold certification, the building harnesses daylight, prevailing winds, and the topography to create an innovative passive design that conserves energy, water and embodied carbon.


Working with EHDD, North Cal provided Lands End Lookout with our reclaimed redwood siding and ceiling tile. Commenting on North Cal's products, Phoebe Schenker, an Associate at EHDD, says, "Not only is North Cal's reclaimed redwood beautiful, but it embodies our approach to sustainability by reducing the overall carbon footprint of the structure. North Cal is also a great resource for architects – they are very knowledgeable about wood and helpful with samples and information.”


To learn more about EHDD, click here.