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North Cal Lumber Store

How We Operate

We work with leading architects and designers to deliver beautiful reclaimed wood products for companies likes Google, Facebook and Whole Foods, to name a few. We also work directly with homeowners and builders on projects of all sizes.

Working with one of our Account Executives typically involves a six-step process:


1. Initial consultation

2. Review samples

3. Finalize product specs

4. Placing the order

5. Production and delivery

6. Final inspection and installation


We begin with an initial discussion with the designer(s) involved in the project. This consultation includes a review of the design purpose, color, texture, look & esthetic, technical requirements, quantities, and production and delivery


Based on our initial consultation, we will submit a variety of samples for review by the design group. This process may involve several rounds until a final product is approved. This approved sample serves as the template for producing the final product. This stage of the process is critical to the overall success of the project. Our ability to understand design purpose and produce perfectly matched products are talents that distinguish North Cal.


Final Product Specs
We use the final product specs to bid, or quote, and also ultimately to serve as the basis of a purchase agreement. This
bid is a contract that details the specs of the product, along with all other relevant information, which may include,
among other items, production schedules, lead times, payment terms, etc.


Placing the Order
Once the bid is signed, everyone is in agreement in terms of the product specs, expectations, delivery times and performance. The signed bid also lays out the payment terms, which may include either a full payment in advance, a
50% deposit to start production, or other terms depending on the project. Once North Cal receives a signed bid, and payment terms have been fulfilled, we add the job to our production schedule.


Production & Delivery
Production and delivery lead times are generally outlined in the signed bid agreement. North Cal operates a production facility in Ukiah, California and networks with mills throughout the U.S. Our network also allows North Cal to supply reclaimed wood products from coast to coast. Where an order is produced or where it ships from depends on the
details of each order. In-stock products typically ship within two business days of receipt of deposit/payment. Custom
orders typically ship within two-to-twelve weeks, depending on the type of the job.


Inspection Period
Upon delivery, clients typically have 15 days in which to inspect the material and reject it for any reason. The details regarding the inspection period are contained in the bid agreement.


We may consult with the installers to offer our assistance related to various product issues. Installations are generally managed by the contractors and subcontractors hired by the project manager or owner. North Cal is not an installer. All installation related issues regarding North Cal products are the responsibility of the installer.