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Why Spec Reclaimed Wood?

Here are the Top 10 reasons why we love reclaimed wood and why you should consider using it in your next project.
Drum roll please...


Reason #10: Age
Reclaimed wood is vintage. Old. Whatever you call it, reclaimed wood is aged wood. And with age comes wisdom and perspective. At North Cal, we love to bring new life to old, reclaimed wood.

Reason #9: Stability
With age also comes stability. Age acts to dry, or season the wood and makes it less likely to cup, twist or otherwise
move. As a result, reclaimed wood is more dimensionally stable and easier to work with.

Reason #8: Environmentally Responsible
Using reclaimed wood reduces the amount of emissions associated with the logging, processing, and transportation of
new wood. North Cal has reclaimed and repurposed millions of board feet of lumber, most of which would otherwise end
up in landfills. Your purchase of reclaimed lumber products helps to further reduce landfills and saves trees.

Reason #7: Originality
Reclaimed wood is 100% original and not mass produced like other wood products. It is real. It is what it is. If you are looking for a building material that is both personal and distinctive, look no further than reclaimed wood.

Reason #6: History
We often refer to reclaimed wood as "historical wood" or "story wood" because every board tells a story about where it came from and how it arrived at our mill. And we love sharing these stories with our customers! From railroad ties in
Texas to barns in Baton Rouge to pickle tanks in Washington, reclaimed wood has a storied history and offers an unique glimpse into our past. If reclaimed wood could talk, the stories it would tell…

Reason #5: Quality
Most reclaimed wood is old growth wood and was harvested at a time when the trees grew slowly. Slow growth means a tight, dense grain. Simply put, reclaimed woods offer superior quality and durability that you can't find in today's market.

Reason #4: Character
One of the main reasons we love reclaimed wood is its character. The nail holes, bolt holes, worming, staining, checking, knots; all of these natural and man-made imperfections add to the character of reclaimed wood. We especially enjoy working with designers and architects to accentuate the character of our reclaimed wood in their projects.

Reason #3: Beauty
With everything that reclaimed wood has to offer (age, quality, originality, stability, etc.), perhaps the greatest selling point
is its incomparable beauty. No other wood comes close in our view. The seemingly endless variations in color, grain and texture transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Our clients often tell us, "Reclaimed wood just looks and feels right." We could not have said it any better.

Reason #2: Individualism
Reclaimed wood is a one-of-a-kind product. Like individual snowflakes, no two boards look exactly alike. It's uniqueness
is yet another compelling feature that draws people to reclaimed wood.

Reason #1: Inspiration
There is something magical and inspirational about transforming wood that is old and weathered into something new and useful. It strikes a chord within our collective soul and reminds us all that life not only has a cycle, but also that life can be extended if we are resourceful and use our imagination. At North Cal, we're constantly inspired by working with reclaimed wood and the many ways it can be used to enhance home decor. Whether you are adding a new addition or just remodeling an existing room, reclaimed wood is the perfect choice for inspiring home designs.