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Since 1985, North Cal has been a leader in the movement toward environmental sustainability. Over the years, our
Urban Salvage Specialists have reclaimed and repurposed millions of board feet of lumber that would otherwise end up in landfills and burn piles. By reclaiming prior-use lumber, we help to offset the demand for new lumber and the
emissions from logging, transportation, processing and milling of new wood. Our clients are further assured that their purchase of North Cal reclaimed and recycled wood products is environmentally sound.


North Cal was among the first FSC®-Certified Recycled wood products companies. We proudly offer a wide selection of FSC Recycled and 100% products (FSC license code # FSC-C066506).

Save the redwoods league logo


North Cal is a proud member of Save The Redwoods League®, an organization that has been protecting ancient
redwood forests since 1917.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Bleacher Wood


3 x 15 Reclaimed Doug Fir


Reclaimed Wood Pallet Table Top