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North Cal Lumber Store

Remilled cedar 
Cedar from bridge stringers  
Reclaimed Western Red Cedar Lumber

Product Description: Western red cedar is durable, dense, decay resistant, and has a
low moisture content. It's no wonder why North Cal's reclaimed western red cedar has become so popular with homeowners and builders across the country.


Source: Various dismantled wooden structures throughout the western United States, including bridge stringers, telephone poles and other structures.


Species: Thuja plicata.

Colors: Heartwood is golden-yellow to orange-red. Sapwood is light tan to light yellow.

Net Dimensions
: 11/16" thick x up to 24" width x 2' to 40' long.       

Millwork: Surfaced on 4 Sides (S4S), Resawn Rough (RGH), Sand Blasted, Hand Hewn, Circle Sawn, and other Patterns (also available "as-is" with original patina).

Character: Random nail, fastener holes and paint from prior use, or resurfaced.

Grades: Select Tight Knot (STK) and Clear A.

: Comes unfinished, unless otherwise specified.  

Certification: Certified 'Recycled' by the Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC ®).

: MR 4.1 & 4.2